28 сент. 2011 г.

Colours of Malaysia

When you are trying to talk about the country, it's necessary to cover all areas of life. Trying to fit one article all the intensive images that help u create an image of Malaysia the same as in my head. During the trip, I had an idea to make a series of photographs, titled "Colours of Malaysia", which as individual brushstrokes of the Impressionists will bring together in a single picture.

At first i didn't know how to organise my story about Malaysia, i tried thousands of ways but the were not as operfect as i wanted them to be. And when i started preparing this photo gallery I realised - it's the best intro to my story! So, seat back, relax and tune in to the upcoming introduction to the Magic Malaysia! 

 Redang Island emerald water with t housands colorful fish swim and you can snorkel  touching them with your hands!

Rambutan Fruits that are common only in South-East Asia. It has a very juicy flesh, rich with vitamin C and lots of useful elements
Beauty red sunset in the opev sea! We were squid jigging on a fishing boats in the open sea, watching the sun go down and glare reflected on the waves!
The main hotel where we were staying at during the press-tour consisted of small wooden houses of 4-8 rooms with own terraces, planted with palm trees and flowers around. I was so pleased with this tropical blend of brown wood and dark green leaves, that create a lightness and tranquility!
Million shades of blue waters around the island of Redang. Once you swim, it is simply impossible to get out!

Night lights of beautiful Petronas Towers that are in the Malaysian capital - Kuala Lumpur. They are the highest twin towers in the world, and  Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad took part in their design, who proposed to construct a building in "Islamic" style. Therefore, in terms of the complex consists of two eight-pointed star and the architect added semicircular projections for stability.

Teal coloured deap water. That colour could be called water of beach Bondi, its not Australia, but colours of water still fantastic!
Clean white sand that is so soft that you can walk by feet forever

Fruit syrup for national Malaysian desert
One of the main attractions of Trengganu - Crystal Mosque. Her dome shine everywhere with all shades of gold
Have you ever seen pink twilight? I did!
The most famous tropical flower - Plumeria, which grow in all tropical countries. 
Some people believe, that this flower symbolizes the immortality of the soul!
Coloured layers of beach in Setiu, Terengganu, so delicate combination of colors!

Here are colours of traditional Malaysian squid jigging. I participated in the Terengganu Squid Jigging Festival 2015, which I'm gonna tell you about in the next article!
Traditional fishing boat made of natural wood and the endless blue colour of the open sea.

With a big gratitude to Tourism Terengganu and  Gaya Travel magazine for making this memorable trip possible!
Stay tuned and wait for coming stories about my fairytale trip to Malaysia!

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